GISE 2018

Abstracts Submission

Abstract submission will be open until 15 January 2019 at 24:00 CET. Abstracts received after this date will not be considered.


Abstract Topic Categories

  • T01 Atomic and molecular astrophysics
  • T02 Atomic and molecular collisions
  • T03 Electron collisions
  • T04 Photon induced processes
  • T05 Atomic spectroscopy
  • T06 Molecular spectroscopy
  • T07 Molecular reaction dynamics
  • T08 Ultrafast dynamics and attosecondphysics
  • T09 Coherent control
  • T10 Strong fields
  • T11 Highly charged ions
  • T12 Biomolecules
  • T13 Clusters and nanoparticles
  • T14 Surface reaction dynamics and self-assembly
  • T15 Rydberg atoms and ultra-cold plasmas
  • T16 Atom interferometry and atomic clocks
  • T17 Degenerate quantum gases
  • T18 Cold ions, atoms and molecules
  • T19 Fundamental physics, precision measurements and metrology
  • T20 Quantum information and cavity QED

Review Process & Acceptance Notification

Notifications of acceptance or rejection of the abstracts will be sent to abstract submitters by 13 February 2019 at the latest.

Publication of abstracts

Accepted abstracts will be published online in the ECAMP13 Abstract Final Book.


The official language of the Conference is English.

Help Desk

For more information please contact the Help Desk:

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